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Kolhapuri Misal (कोल्हापूरी मिसळ)

Every Kolhapuri Misal is one of the famous dishes of Kolhapur. Hot and Spicy are the words which describe the dish to certain extent.This is a delicious dish. It is not a snack but a medium diet. Anybody who wish to have a variety of food, will definitely like this dish. For preparation of the dish confectionery items are preferentially used. Chivada, Shev, Papadi are the indigents of dish. . .

Kolhapuri Chappal (कोल्हापूरी चप्पल)

KOLHAPURI CHAPPAL MAKING is a major handicraft industry the employs over 20,000 craftspersons in the district.Kolhapur chappals are flat,intricately patterned,handcrafted leather footwear traditionally made in kolhapur by the Chamar community whose hereditary occupation is tanning and leather work.

Kolhapuri Lavani (कोल्हापूरी लावणी)

Lavani is a special type of presentation which comprises of Traditional Classical Dance and Typical Songs. This can be termed as a folk dance of old Kolhapur. Later Kings and Rulers used to entertain themselves with this type of singing and dancing. It is a special type of art which is now preserved through some families and groups only.

RED-WHITE Soup (तांबडा-पांढरा रस्सा)

It is famous dish from kolhapur. Kolhapuri food is world famous for its taste and traditional Delicacies. We, at Kolhapur,feel that it is a general misconception found elsewhere, that Kolhapuri preparation means only hot and spicy food, which makes the person sweat even while eating it !.

Gavrani Bhojan (गावरानी भोजन)

It had awesome test. It is famous dish from kolhapur..

Powada (पोवाडा)

Povadas form a part of Marathi ballads, depicting the Marathi leader Shri Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s life Shivaji holds a respectable position in each and every Maharashtrian heart. Through the Povadas, people remember Shivaji, a famous hero of his period.

Kolhapuri Kusti (कोल्हापूरी कुस्ती)

India, Maharashtra, Kolhapur, Motibag Thalim, name of the wresling school, traditional Kushti, practice since more than 3000 years, young boys leave at the school and use to train more than 6 hours a day.

Kolhapuri Pheta (कोल्हापूरी फेटा)

Pheta (Feta) i.e. Turban is a specialty in Kolhapur. Wearing a turban is high respect.It is a customary honor to guest who comes from other place is welcomed by the offering him to wear the traditional turban. Actually the turban is a long cloth off 3.5 to 6 meters. It is the specific Saffron color is most choice for Kolhapuri turbans.

Kolhapuri Nauwari sadi (कोल्हापूरी नौवारी साडी)

Every Maharashtrian Woman has a strong desire to wear nauvar sari , but since it is very difficult to wear , this desire remains unfulfilled. This unfulfilled wish in the minds of several women gave birth to our novel concept of “Readymade Nauvar Sari”.

Kolhapuri Gul (कोल्हापूरी गुळ)

Jaggery is a traditional unrefined non-centrifugal sugar consumed in Asia, Africa and South America. It is made for direct consumption.This type of sugar is a concentrated product of cane juice without separation of the molasses and crystals, and can vary from golden brown to dark brown in color. It contains up to 65-85 % sucrose , up to 10% Glucose , moisture content of up to 5-8 %, and the remainder made up of other insoluble matter such as ash, proteins and fibers. The Indian state of Maharashtra is the largest producer and consumer of jaggery.

Kolhapuri kanda Lasun Chatani (कोल्हापूरी कांदा लसूण चटणी)

Kanda lasun chatni has special taste. It is used for missal , usal and non veg meal..

Kolhapuri Mardani Khel (कोल्हापूरी मर्दानी खेल)

Dandpatta, Lathi-Kathi and Talwarbaji are very famous mardani khel.

Kolhapuri Saaj (कोल्हापूरी साज)

Kolhapuri saaj has special importance for Maharashtrian women. now in modern life most of the people doesn’t know the importance and information of necklace. Women just bring kolhapuri saaj from market and wear. But they dont know why the kolhapuri saaj is made up of different designs of leaves and carvings in it. small pendants having different designs are strung with a big ruby pendant. Here is the info about typical kolhapuri saaj.

Kolhapuri Dudh Katta (कोल्हापूरी दूध कट्टा)

Kolhapur city Dudh Katta is famous for , milking the buffalo in presence of customer, in a public place called as Gangavesh. Visitors enjoy this fresh milk providing facility of Kolhapur. Wrestlers in Kolhapur have special liking for this milk..

Kolhapuri Bhadang (कोल्हापूरी भडंग)

Kolhapuri Thecha (कोल्हापूरी ठेचा)