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One Day Kokan Special
Sai Mandir (साई मंदिर) :Kudal Sai mandhir is situated in a scenic place.This temple is in Kudal near Kudal railway station and Kudal is near to Goa 100kms from Goa In maharashtra and is on Mumbai Goa route also. The temple was built by Mr Ramchandra Ravjee Madave, Baba gave him one rupee and with that One rupee in 1919 the frist death anniversary was celebrated at Kudal, and on 1922 he built a temple for Baba at Kudal, 1954 he was also one of the persons in In staling statue of Baba at Shridhi, he was also a trustee of Shridhi Sansthan.
Nevati Fort (नेवती फोर्ट) :Nivati is neighborhood village of Bhogve and has historical significance due to Nivati Fort. The fort was built on a 500m high hillock. Though fort doesn’t have anything special to watch, but view of Nivati circular beach from fort is marvelous. The fort is also called as Sarjekot, Padmagad and Rajkot. At the base of the hillock one can find the yellowish rock, which glows in the sunlight and called as golden sea rock..
Bhogave Beach (भोगावे बीच) : .
Laxmi Narayan Mandir (लक्ष्मी नारायण मंदिर) :Laxmi Narayan Temple, just 15 kms away from Kudal is finest example of Hemandpanthi style of temple architecture. Surrounded by lush greenery with a beautiful reservoir near by this temple dates back to early 14th century. Constructed by Suryabhan & Chandrabhan Prabhu-Desai brothers, this East-facing temple is very famous in Sindhudurg district. .
Patparule (पतपांरुळे) : .


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