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One Day Kokan Special
Kunakeshwar / Vijaydurg
Kunakeshwar (कुणकेश्वर) :Kunakeshwar is a coastal village famous for the temple of God Kunakeshwar, believed to be ever-awakened deity Lord Shankar. The temple is situated on high costal hill. The mountainous background on one side and a long racky stretch of sand on the other make the sight of the temple much pleasant. Besides there are small temple such as SAMADHI (SHRINE) Mandir, Mandalik Mandir etc. .
Vijaydurg (विजयदुर्ग) :The invisible and invulnerable sea-fort Vijaydurg stands majestically facing heat of the sun, showers of rain, speedy winds and surging sea-waves for the last 800 years. It was a significant Naval centre of the Maratha kingdom during the period from regime of CHHATRAPATI SHIVAJI MAHARAJ to that of Kanhoji Angre, the undefeated Master of Arabian Sea. King Bhoj of Shilahar Dynasty, who had established power over Konkan, built this fort during sometimes between 1193 to 1206. By that time it was called ‘Gheria’. Then it was in charge of Adilshah of Bijapur from 1524 upto 1653, when Shivaji captured it and restored its dignity by expanding its area (Previously just 5 acres ) to 17 acres, got it renovated, strengthened the bastions and extended rampart walls..
Padavane Beach (पडवने बीच) :So to say, the beach at village Padavane near Devgad is untouched so far, but it is very clean, vast, alluring and inviting. The Sindhudrug –tourists should make it a point to visit it and enjoy the stroll on the untrodden sandy stretch and the calm and quiet atmosphere of this beach that will soon be transformed as a rare view point.
Saitavade Waterfall (सैतावडे वॉंटरफॉल) :This thrilling fall at village Saitavade (27km from Devgad) flows throughout the year so forcefully and rapidly that a high rocky cliff is divided into broad cracks through which water rushes down to a scenic pool at the base. During Monsoon its force and beauty are more increased. The river-bed facing the fall is broad enough to enjoy bathing and swimming in it.
Rameshwar Temple (रामेश्वर मंदिर) :Rameshwar is believed to be the principal deity of Achara town. Formerly Kolhapur State Chief Chhatrapati Shambhu Maharaj had donated Achare Village to Lord Rameshwar. The architecture of this temple is grand and the newly built lamp-Poles at the entrance add to the attractive appearance of the temple.


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