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One Day Kokan Special
Malwan :
Sindhudurg (सिंधुदुर्ग) : Sindhudurg is in the Konkan area of Maharashtra.
Tarkarli (तारकर्ली) : It is a village in Malvan Taluka, district Sindhudurg.
Bharadi Devi (भराडी देवी) : The ancient temple of Bharadi Goddess is a famous prominent place of Pilgrimage.
Suvarna Ganesh (सुवर्ण गणेश) : Jai Ganesh temple is a unique piece of modern, cultural, architecture, built by Jayantrao Salgaonkar.
Rock Garden (रॉक गार्डन) : This rock garden is rich with attractive pathways, greeneries, beautiful pond, rare curtles, artificially created misty atmosphere and so on.
Dhamapur Talav (धामापूर तलाव) : A tourist reader may wonder why special mention is being made of Dhamapur lake again separately when it has been mentioned along with Bhagawti temple of Dhamapur. This special lake deserves the special mention because of its “uniqueness”. This is the biggest lake in the district [and perhaps next only to Tadoba lake].


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