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One Day Varsha Sahal Special

Gagangiri Maharaj Math:Gagangiri Maharaj Math is renowned as a spiritual destination for domestic and foreign travelers. The Math is located in the midst of dense forests and thick green vegetation at Dajipur near to Kolhapur. Shri Gagangiri Maharaj was a Hindu Sanyasi (Sage) following the Nath Sampradaya.

Napne waterfall:Located at Sherpe village in Vaibhavwadi taluka this waterfall is known as Swimmers delight. A swim in its cool pool is very safe and refreshing. Here one can easily explore the secret of cascading water by reaching close to the spot from where water emerges from the top in the from of bubbles through hard and compact rocks. the area around the waterfall is also a natural habitat for the rare species of birds, specially for the Hornbills..

Vyaghreshwar Waterfall: After onset of rainy season tourists like to see waterfalls. Amboli. Napne and Savdav waterfalls are too successful to attract them but Vyaghreshwar waterfall at Manche, which descends from 300 feet height, is out of sight for a long time. Enchanting mountain range, vales and between them the pleasant waterfall, ancient Vyaghreshwar temple, this surroundings is dreamy and attracting..

Karul Ghat: One of the best Ghat Roads - Kumbharli Ghat (between Chiplun & Karad), Satara-Ratnagiri Districts, Maharashtra, India

Palsambe Waterfalls: After onset of rainy season tourists like to see waterfalls.


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